Aluminium uses: sheets and foil


Sheets and foils are the most widely used form of aluminium because they can be formed into a lot of shapes using different technologies. They’re found in all of industry’s major markets: packaging, transportation, building, home appliances, industrial applications. (more…)

Aluminium sheets: main applications

Aluminium sheets are among the most widely used types of materials today. This happens thanks to some specific properties that make them very deployed across an enormous variety of industrial, agricultural and manufacturing applications. (more…)

Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium alloys consist of aluminium and another or more elements, most commonly copper, silicon, manganese and magnesium that improve the properties of this metal. Aluminium alloys, known as light alloys, are characterized by the following features: (more…)

Aluminium sheets and coils


The most common use of aluminium sheets include transportation, construction and aerospace. They are used particularly in these sectors because of them unbeatable strength to weight ratio: aluminium is indeed a very light material. In addition, it’s an excellent heat and electricity conductor and, it is particularly useful for applications where it is exposed to corroding agents because of its anticorrosive property. (more…)

Aluminium Tubes


Aluminium Tubes are widely used in different sectors thanks to the properties of this material: flexibility, strength, lightness, weight, sustainability. In particular, aluminium tubes are used in transportation, structural and roadside supplements, automotive, building and heat exchangers market. (more…)

Aluminium sheets covering


Aluminium manufacturers can supply different products adapting them to customer’s needs. In particular they can provide aluminium sheets for covering. This material is widely used in building sector thanks to its countless advantages: high thermal conductivity, reflective properties, lightness, a wide range of alloys, corrosion resistance, long life span, possibility of improving its characteristics with the application of specific lacquers, high recycle rate. (more…)

Aluminium foil manufacturers: packaging and production

Aluminium is the second most consumed metal globally after steel. Global primary aluminium demand is expected to grow by another 13.5 mln to over next 5 years so, the outlook for the aluminium industry in the future years continues to be good overall. (more…)

Aluminium foils: applications and markets

Aluminium foils are widely used in industrial market thanks to their versatility. They can be used to make a wide range of products in different sectors. Aluminium is very common thanks to its properties: light weight, durability, electrical and thermal conductivity, workability, aesthetic, corrosion resistance. In addition, this material can be recycled an unlimited number of times without losing its characteristic properties. (more…)