Aluminium tread sheet


Aluminium sheets can be formed and welded into several shake. Among the various processes that can be applied there is the embossing, an ancient technique already known to the Greeks, which found its maximum splendor during the Renaissance. Obviously at the time this technique was used on the facades of buildings and palaces, but now it is also used for other purposes thanks to the application on other materials, including aluminum. This is possible thanks to its many features including ease of fabrication. (more…)

Embossed sheet


An embossed sheet indicates an originally bare aluminum sheet on which a design or texture in relief has been imprinted: veins, pores, marks, geometric figures and so on. Usually this process is made on fabrics, paper, leather, wood, rubber and obviously aluminum thin sheets. (more…)

Aluminium sheet


Aluminium sheet is a very versatile product, not only for the characteristics that it can be given in the cold and hot rolling mill, but also because of its suitability to a wide range of applications and processes. Its surface can be treated in many ways: painted, plated, polished, colored, coated, laminated, anodized, etched or textured. (more…)

Aluminium Properties


When we talk about aluminium properties, we mean all the intrinsic properties of this material. First of all, we have to underline that aluminium is versatile and flexible: it can be easily forged and reworked into a number of shapes  – sheets, strips, coil -. Having said that, we have to remember that it is the third most abundant element and metal of the Earth’s crust. Thanks to its abundance and characteristics, it has an excellent quality / price ratio. (more…)

Aluminium recycling and circular economy

Thanks to its characteristics, aluminium can be defined as the most circular material: it can be recycled without losing its original properties and can be easily used in a lot of sectors including automotive, transport, building, packaging and renewable energies. For this reason, the European Aluminium hypothesizes a 40 percent growth in demand for aluminium between 2019 and 2050. (more…)

Aluminium thickness: foils and sheets


Aluminium foils and sheets are used in multiple sectors and markets. But, for each field of application thickness, alloys and shapes change according to customers’ needs and the use of final product. (more…)

Semi rigid Packaging: materials and examples


Semi rigid packaging combines the benefits of rigid packaging with some of the advantages of flexibles. Aluminium is one of the most versatile materials used in this field thanks to its properties: barrier effect, impermeability, good mechanical properties. (more…)

Aluminium uses: sheets and foil


Sheets and foils are the most widely used form of aluminium because they can be formed into a lot of shapes using different technologies. They’re found in all of industry’s major markets: packaging, transportation, building, home appliances, industrial applications. (more…)

Aluminium sheets: main applications

Aluminium sheets are among the most widely used types of materials today. This happens thanks to some specific properties that make them very deployed across an enormous variety of industrial, agricultural and manufacturing applications. (more…)