Aluminium Foil for Food

fogli di alluminio alimentare

One of the main uses of aluminum foil is the food sector. By this statement we mean two different markets. The term “aluminum foil for food”, in fact, can be used both to indicate the semi-finished product that will then be used by manufacturers of food containers, and to more commonly identify the aluminium foil roll used by consumers or businesses to wrap food.

Aluminum foil for food in semi-rigid packaging

As mentioned above, it is good to clarify that we are referring to the semi-rigid packaging market which also includes the food sector. In this case, before being sold the aluminum foils are degreased and chemically pre-treated to ensure the absolute cleanliness of the surfaces and the absence of odors. Subsequently they are used to make food containers of different shapes and sizes. Laminazione Sottile can supply plain and lacquered aluminum foils – thanks to the subsidiary Italcoat -, both for the food sector.

Aluminium foil roll for food packaging

Instead, as regards the second case mentioned in the first paragraph – aluminum foil roll for food packaging – we refer to the most common aluminium rolls to wrap food. They are also used in the food sector but directly by the consumer as a finished product. They can be used for the storage or packaging of food and can be of various lengths if intended for the end-user or the food industry. Contital, another subsidiary of the Laminazione Sottile Group, can supply different types of professional or consumer aluminum rolls.

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