Aluminium foil


Aluminium foil is a paper-thin, shiny sheet of aluminium metal that can be treated through industrial processes for different applications. The packaging industry widely uses aluminium for its versatility and its properties: it has both corrosion and high thermal resistance. In addition, it provides a total barrier against light, gas and contaminants. Ease of package opening makes aluminium foil the best material for food and pharmaceutical packaging.

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Aluminium foil for food packaging

At home, people use foil of aluminium to store foods, protecting it from environmental contamination, prolonging the shelf life and maintaining taste. In addition, it is ideal to keep the food warm in takeaway stores and café. Due to the high thermal conductivity, aluminium is excellent for cooking and thus satisfies all the different requirements for conservation and cooking.

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Laminazione Sottile aluminium foil

Laminazione Sottile supplies aluminium foils in different alloys and dimensions for a wide range of applications. Supported by our subsidiaries Italcoat and IPS Industrial Packaging Solution, we can also supply coated or laminated material.

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