Is the aluminium foil malleable?


Is the aluminum foil malleable? Absolutely yes. This is possible thanks to the many intrinsic properties of aluminium, a material that can be used in different applications and variuos industrial sectors. Malleability is only one of the aluminum properties: these can be grouped into physical, chemical or mechanical, and can be further expanded when considering specific alloy compositions and other factors, such as temperature. (more…)

Aluminium thickness: foils and sheets


Aluminium foils and sheets are used in multiple sectors and markets. But, for each field of application thickness, alloys and shapes change according to customers’ needs and the use of final product. (more…)

Aluminium Tubes


Aluminium Tubes are widely used in different sectors thanks to the properties of this material: flexibility, strength, lightness, weight, sustainability. In particular, aluminium tubes are used in transportation, structural and roadside supplements, automotive, building and heat exchangers market. (more…)

Aluminium foils: applications and markets

Aluminium foils are widely used in industrial market thanks to their versatility. They can be used to make a wide range of products in different sectors. Aluminium is very common thanks to its properties: light weight, durability, electrical and thermal conductivity, workability, aesthetic, corrosion resistance. In addition, this material can be recycled an unlimited number of times without losing its characteristic properties. (more…)

Aluminum Foil Market growth


Aluminum foil can be physically altered or modified by different processes for a lot of applications. The rise of aluminum in the rigid, semi rigid and flexible packaging industry began as early as the beginning of the 20th century. (more…)

Aluminium coils production


Aluminium is a metal with a lot of important benefits: it’s light weight, highly conductive and has excellent corrosion resistance characteristics. In addition, it can be recycled continuously without loss of properties. (more…)

Aluminium foil


Aluminium foil is a paper-thin, shiny sheet of aluminium metal that can be treated through industrial processes for different applications. The packaging industry widely uses aluminium for its versatility and its properties: it has both corrosion and high thermal resistance. In addition, it provides a total barrier against light, gas and contaminants. Ease of package opening makes aluminium foil the best material for food and pharmaceutical packaging. (more…)