Aluminium Properties


When we talk about aluminium properties, we mean all the intrinsic properties of this material. First of all, we have to underline that aluminium is versatile and flexible: it can be easily forged and reworked into a number of shapes  – sheets, strips, coil -. Having said that, we have to remember that it is the third most abundant element and metal of the Earth’s crust. Thanks to its abundance and characteristics, it has an excellent quality / price ratio.

What are the main aluminium properties?

Aluminium has a density around one third that of steel: this makes it lightweight. For this reason it’s used in the transport and construction industry.

In addition, this material has a high thermal and electrical conductivity, and thanks to these properties it is used in the HVAC-R and electronics sector. Aluminium is particularly resistant to corrosion, so it has been used in architecture and construction for many years. In contact with the external environment this material creates a surface patina that protects it from water, contaminants and some chemicals. Thanks to these skills it’s widely used in hostile and critical environments (marine or industrial).

But, among all, its recyclability  is one of the most important aluminium properties. This material can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its properties and, moreover, the energy used for its recycling is 95% less than that needed to produce it from the raw material.

Laminazione Sottile: a Group molded on aluminum

Laminazione Sottile has always believed in aluminium properties. For this reason, the core business of the Group is founded on this material. The parent company supplies aluminum coils, plates and sheets and, our subsidiary Italcoat can provide painted aluminium products.

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