Aluminium recycling and circular economy

Thanks to its characteristics, aluminium can be defined as the most circular material: it can be recycled without losing its original properties and can be easily used in a lot of sectors including automotive, transport, building, packaging and renewable energies. For this reason, the European Aluminium hypothesizes a 40 percent growth in demand for aluminium between 2019 and 2050.

Benefits of recycled aluminium

Aluminium could have an increasingly central role in the circular economy thanks to its recycling. Nowadays, recycled aluminium represents 36 percent of the aluminium metal supplied in Europe, but increasing its use could lead to significant advantages in terms of environmental sustainability. Indeed, aluminium recycling process requires only 5 percent of the energy needed to produce the primary metal with significant consequences in Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The goal set by the European Aluminum, an industrial association founded in 1981, is to increase the recycling rates of aluminum already important in some sectors. Suffice to say, in Europe, recycling rates in the automotive and building sectors are over 90 percent, while aluminium beverage cans have a recycling rate of 75 percent. Further increasing the use of recycled aluminum would mean basing our economy on an entirely circular resource.

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