Aluminium sheets: characteristics and applications


Aluminium sheets, thanks to their properties, can be used in different sectors: automotive, building, hvac-r and others. Aluminium is:

  • Light (it’s approximately 1/3 the weight of iron and copper)
  • Ductile (it’s easy to work into new shapes and can undergo specific treatments)
  • Conductive (it has a higher thermal and electrical conductivity)
  • Resistant to corrosion (this characteristic can be improved with special coatings)
  • Recyclable (it can be indefinitely recycled without losing any of its fundamental properties)

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Aluminium sheets markets

Global Sheet Metal Market 2018-2022, the last report published by, estimates that sheet metal market will be likely to be more than 4.09% CAGR by 2018-2022. Experts say this growth will be possible thanks to the increasing demand for automotive and aerospace industries. On the contrary, the fluctuating costs of raw materials could be one of the major factors hindering the further growth of this market.

Laminazione Sottile’s aluminium sheets

Laminazione Sottile supplies aluminium foils, sheets and plates. Our products can undergo specific superficial treatments to perfectly meet the requirements of different customers. Thanks to our subsidiary Italcoat, we can provide prepainted aluminium sheets too.

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