Aluminium sheets covering


Aluminium manufacturers can supply different products adapting them to customer’s needs. In particular they can provide aluminium sheets for covering. This material is widely used in building sector thanks to its countless advantages: high thermal conductivity, reflective properties, lightness, a wide range of alloys, corrosion resistance, long life span, possibility of improving its characteristics with the application of specific lacquers, high recycle rate. Thanks to these properties, aluminium sheets can also be used to realize internal partitions and false ceiling.

Applications of aluminium sheets

Besides being used in building sector for covering and roofs, aluminium sheets can also be used in other markets. According to the new study titled Global Aluminum Sheet and Plate Market Research Report 2019, they are widely used in automotive industry. Thanks to the characteristics of aluminium, automobile manufacturers are increasingly turning to it: this material is progressively replacing steel. In particular, sheets or coils can be used for different applications as heat and acoustic shields heat and structural components.

Where I can buy aluminium sheets?

Laminazione Sottile provides aluminium sheets for a wide range of applications and markets: automotive, building sector, hvac-r, cookware, multilayer pipes and aluminium packaging (rigid, semi rigid and flexible packaging). Laminazione Sottile is a company specialized in aluminium transformation and, thanks to the support of its subsidiaries, can also supply lacquered or laminated products. To have more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us!