Aluminium tread sheet


Aluminium sheets can be formed and welded into several shake. Among the various processes that can be applied there is the embossing, an ancient technique already known to the Greeks, which found its maximum splendor during the Renaissance. Obviously at the time this technique was used on the facades of buildings and palaces, but now it is also used for other purposes thanks to the application on other materials, including aluminum. This is possible thanks to its many features including ease of fabrication.

How is an aluminum tread sheet obtained?

Aluminum tread sheet is obtained by rolling and punching the surface. The aluminum foil passes between a matrix and a punch which at the same time impress the geometric sign. The punch can be of different sizes and obviously will have an almond shape.

In which sector are tread sheets used?

Usually aluminum tread sheets are used in the construction sector thanks to their anti-slip properties. They are commonly used for flooring, trailer floors, ramps and access control. Alternatively, it is not uncommon to use aluminum tread sheets only for an aesthetic factor.

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