Aluminium Tubes


Aluminium Tubes are widely used in different sectors thanks to the properties of this material: flexibility, strength, lightness, weight, sustainability. In particular, aluminium tubes are used in transportation, structural and roadside supplements, automotive, building and heat exchangers market.

Aluminium tube or pipe?

A study of aluminium Pipe and Tube Market, published by Research N Reports has provided a detailed information regarding this sector and forecast from the year 2019 to 2025. The report analyzes the shapes – round and square – and the applications – industrial, pharmaceutical, electronics, military – most requested by the market. But, what’s the difference between tubes and pipes? The first one is normally used for structural purposes and is measured by outside diameter; the pipe is normally used to transport gases or fluids and  is measured by inside diameter.

Aluminium multilayer pipes

Laminazione Sottile can provide aluminium foil for multilayer pipes specific for industrial plants, heat/refrigeration and supply systems. They are made of different layers and can offer different advantage: high temperature resistance, lightness, low thermal expansion and barrier effect. In addition, multilayer pipes supplied by our Group are 100% recyclable.

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