Aluminum coil market


According to the latest data published online, in the current year, the prospects for the aluminum coil market continue to be good overall, despite the ongoing pandemic, continuing political uncertainty, such as U.S. tariffs on aluminum imports, Brexit, and the concern that China, as the world’s leading producer of semi-finished and finished aluminum products, might expand its exports into European markets. In fact, according to the latest report published by Mordor Intelligence, the global aluminum market is projected to register a CAGR of over 4% during the period 2021-2026.

Aluminium coil: main sectors

 The automotive industry is the main growth driver of this sector; not only because of the continuous increase in private transport around the world, but also because of the growing pressure to use lightweight materials to protect the environment and the climate.

The trend towards lightweight construction in the automotive industry is therefore leading to an ever-increasing demand for primary and recycled aluminum. A trend that also seems to be supported by the development of future mobility, electromobility and related production, increasingly in search of new solutions and applications that use materials such as aluminum.

The consumption of aluminum coil is also growing in the aerospace industry, which is increasingly expanding, and in the construction sector, which is recovering strongly in continental Europe. In addition, demand in the mechanical engineering and especially packaging markets -because of the Covid – also continues to increase.

Laminazione Sottile can supply aluminum coil for several markets and final applications. Innovation and quality are the basis of the services provided by the Group, whose processes are always and in any case carried out with a view to sustainable development.

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