Aluminum production in Italy and in the world

Before to speech about aluminum production in Europe or Italy, in particular; it’s better to have clear ideas about production at global levels. China is the world’s leading producer of aluminum, as well as zinc, lead and tin. Followed by Russia and India even if the gap from the first place is quite significant: China, in fact, produces 37 million tons a year while Russia and India only about 3.6 million a year. During 2021, the demand for aluminum has increased significantly around the world, especially in sectors such as solar and automotive;
however, demand was growing even before the pandemic thanks to the several characteristics of this material, not least the 100% recyclability, a quality highly appreciated in an increasingly green world. In fact, aluminum can be recycled 100% and countless times without losing its original properties which remain unchanged indefinitely, even following numerous recycling phases, i.e. when the metal goes from being primary aluminum to ‘recycled aluminum’ or ‘secondary aluminum’.

Italian aluminum production

Having clarified the global situation, what is the situation of aluminum production in Italy? This material is particularly important for Italian country due to the countless final uses in which it is used in the form of semi-finished products such as profiles, plates or sheets. In particular, the sectors in which it is most requested are: transport, construction, packaging, durable goods, mechanics, electronics, metallurgy and chemistry. In Italy there are more than 2 thousand companies working in the mechanical manufacturing industry (Centroal Source) and among these is the Laminazione Sottile Group. The head office, Laminazione Sottile, has been working in the aluminum production sector for almost 100 years now. Thanks to continuous investments and recurring research in this field, the company tries to provide its customers products that are always in line with the latest trends and market demands.

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