Aluminum roofing sheets


Aluminum sheets can be used in different sectors thanks to the multiple properties of this material: lightness, high conductivity, ductility, high resistance to corrosion, sustainability. Due to its characteristics, aluminum is often used in the building industry to create different types of roofing, walls, railings, internal and external facades. In particular, this material is used in the construction market as it can be easily lacquered, painted, anodized, printed, engraved and coated.

Types of aluminum roofing sheets

Pre-painted aluminum sheets are among the most used sheets for roofing. Prepainted aluminum sheets are often chosen for this final application because they combine the advantages of the base material with a greater aesthetic impact. These are produced through a process during which the aluminum is degreased, chemically pre-treated and, finally, painted. Usually, pre-painted aluminum sheets are available in different colors that allow to emphasize the aesthetic part of the building as well.

Laminazione Sottile, a company that has been working in the aluminum product market for more than ninety years, can supply aluminum roofing sheets, including pre-painted ones, thanks to the help of the subsidiary Italcoat, specialized in coating and lacquering.

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