Aluminum sheet: which one should you choose?


Before choosing the right aluminum sheet for your needs, it’s essential to know its characteristics and end-use. Aluminum sheets have several benefits: lightness, durability, corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, versatility, workability and recyclability. In particular, this last advantage allows the finished product to respect the surrounding environment since aluminum is a material that is 100 percent recyclable and reusable indefinitely, without losing its characteristics.Furthermore, the production of recycled aluminum requires 95 percent less energy than that required to produce it if you start from the raw material (bauxite). This information is essential to know that by choosing an aluminum sheet you prefer a sustainable material, that plays an important role in the circular economy.

Different aluminum sheets for several markets

As previously mentioned, knowing the properties of aluminum sheets is as essential as identifying their final use. To do this, you have to remember that the thickness of the sheets varies according to the application, reducing to produce aluminum strips and foils. Having established this, what can be the application markets for these products?

  • Rigid packaging: aluminum is used in this sector for the production of food and pharmaceutical cans and capsules as it acts as a barrier against contaminants and external microorganisms
  • Semi-rigid packaging: aluminum is used in this field to create plain and lacquered containers as it guarantees excellent food preservation
  • Flexible packaging: aluminum is used to make packaging in both the food and pharmaceutical sectors as it manages to maintain the properties of the products unaltered
  • HVAC-R: aluminum is also often used in the field of air conditioning, heating and ventilation to create exchangers, radiators and condensers with a high level of energy efficiency and resistance to humidity and corrosion
  • Automotive: the lightness of aluminum is the main reason why it’s also chosen in this sector to build various structural components of vehicles
  • Building: aesthetic impact and corrosion resistance are the main reasons why aluminum is also widely used in this market

Laminazione Sottile supplies aluminum sheets, foils and strips for all these sectors. For more information on our services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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