Aluminum sheets for sale: markets and applications


Aluminum sheets are widely used in many end-use sectors such as packaging, transport, building and construction. In addition, with the growing stringent regulations relating to reduction in vehicle weight  which will consequently lead to a reduction in carbon emissions, the demand for aluminum in the automotive industry is also expected to increase. This is due to the lightness and high weldability of this material that can be formed into any shape to make panels for vehicles such as cars, tractors and more.

Sale of aluminum sheets: what makes the difference?

But in particular, what influences the sale of aluminum sheets? Increasing need of a product that can withstand extremely cold temperatures has increasingly become the driving selling factor. The sheets, in fact, can withstand extreme conditions thanks to the properties that distinguish them: resistance to corrosion, ductility, weldability.
Another factor that influences the sale of aluminum sheets is the historical moment we are experiencing. COVID-19 has changed the lifestyle of consumers and many of them have changed their eating habits.
This has led to a significant growth of the food packaging industry and consequently also of aluminum foil, widely used in the production of cans, containers and other types of packaging.

Companies that sell aluminum sheets

Laminazione Sottile is a company that has over 90 years’ experience in aluminium rolled products and can supply sheets to use in many sectors including construction, packaging and automotive.
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