Embossed sheet


An embossed sheet indicates an originally bare aluminum sheet on which a design or texture in relief has been imprinted: veins, pores, marks, geometric figures and so on. Usually this process is made on fabrics, paper, leather, wood, rubber and obviously aluminum thin sheets. Embossing process is carried out to make the product more aesthetically appealing or to make it more workable, to imprint the trademark or logo on a material, to give the product mechanical qualities, to imitate another material that already has intrinsic embossing. This process can be performed on one or both sides of the product.

Final application of embossed sheets

Embossed sheet, made extremely thin, is widely used in the food industry – to wrap chocolates or butter, to manufacture yoghurt lids and take-away containers -. This happens thanks to aluminium characteristics that combines the lightness of the material with the ability to protect food from external contaminants, oxygen, light, humidity and gas. Embossed aluminum also prolongs the shelf life of food by preserving its taste and aroma.

Laminazione Sottile provides embossed aluminium sheets for several sectors, and thanks to its subsidiaries, for the food industry. To have more info about our products, please contact us!