Hot rolling process


Hot rolling is one of the most common techniques used to reduce the thickness of an aluminum slab. Processes like this are considered fundamental steps for the production of semi-finished and final products such as plates, strips and sheets. Hot rolling process consists in passing the aluminum block back and forth through special rollers that operate at high temperature regimes. However, the resulting rolled product is characterized by a higher and less homogeneous thickness – due to the presence of small debris on the surface – than a cold rolled sheet. We remind you, in fact, that the thickness of an aluminum sheet processed by cold rolling operation can be reduced up to 0.15 mm.

Hot rolling process: advantages and applications

Hot rolling process increases: the sturdiness and strength, ductility, resistance to vibrations and shocks, formability and weldability of aluminum sheet. Furthermore, it is used to create:

  • Automotive structural parts such as frames
  • Tubular products
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Building components
  • Guard rail

Laminazione Sottile Group, thanks to a complete and integrated supply chain, takes care of all the processing phases of a product: foundry, hot and cold rolling, surface treatments, lacquering, printing, cutting and production of some finished items such as aluminum containers.

All the companies of the Group contribute to satisfying the different requests of customers while respecting the environment and the territory.

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