Where and why to buy aluminium sheets?


The companies that work in the metalworking sector are always looking for suppliers that sell different types of aluminium sheets or strips: an important product used in many markets. This happens thanks to the characteristics of this product that can be easily moulded in numerous shapes and processed in different thicknesses; moreover, it has excellent anti-corrosive properties and a remarkable resistance to external pressures and environmental factors. Thanks to these features, aluminium sheets find their use in several end industries such as packaging, construction and building. In particular, with increasingly stringent regulations relating to reduction of vehicle weight to reduce carbon emissions, it is expected that in the coming years the demand for aluminium sheets will increase, especially in the transport industry, majorly automotive. This is attributed to the light weight and high strength of this material that if used in vehicles reduces CO2 emissions by 20%.

Where to buy aluminum sheets?

Buying aluminium sheets doesn’t just mean buying a semi-finished product up to itself since it will have to be transformed to become a finished product. Laminazione Sottile has been supplying aluminium sheets and coils for almost 100 years and can boast an integrated supply chain, from the foundry to the production of some finished products such as food containers.  The company also produces aluminium sheets for use in other industrial sectors such as construction, HVAC and aerospace.

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