Aluminium Foil Manufacturer

Laminazione Sottile is a leading company in the aluminium foil manufacturer sector. We produce and supply aluminium foil in Italy and all around the world. In our research centre, our industrial engineers develop new technologies in order to improve the performances of aluminium foils for different uses. Laminazione Sottile’s products are available with different characteristics and sizes thanks to our aluminium foil rolling process. We produce a complete line of aluminum foils for industrial use and packaging, so the customers can find the right solution according to their thickness and measurements requirements.

The aluminium foil can be treated through chemical processes for different applications. The aluminium is a very flexible material, it can be used in the packaging industry especially for food and drugs, but we are able to set our manufacturing according to every specific needs.


Aluminium Foils

It is very important for us to give the right option for the different uses of aluminium foils. Laminazione Sottile is an aluminium foil manufacturer for packaging and industry. The customers can request the specific product according to their orders. In the food industry, the aluminium foil is the right option for product packaging: the main features are lightness, flexibility and resistance. The aluminium foil is also completely recyclable, another reason to choose this material in order to create a customized packaging.

Laminazione Sottile is the right  supplier you need to create a personalized product. Our certifications confirms that our company applies high in its productions activities and certifies the efficiency of our Supply Chain and Quality Management System.

On these basis we build every day our experience as fair aluminium foil manufacturers and suppliers.

If you need more info contact us! We will provide you all the information about our aluminium foil production.