Aluminium Plates

Laminazione Sottile provides the best quality in terms of aluminium plates production for a variety of business sectors. The plates are created by the melting of aluminium, followed by hot and cold rolling. They then undergo a superficial thermal treatment and are, afterward, trimmed. Many are the business sectors interested in aluminium plates: from the food industry, in which plates are used to manufacture cookware and disposable containers, to the automotive sector and interior design.

Aluminium plates applications

The wide usage of aluminium plates is due to its thermal insulation properties, great reliability and its ability to preserve food and drink flavors’. Aluminium sheets and plates are a great barrier against humidity and microorganisms aggressions, preserving organoleptic properties, thus enduring the expiration date.

Aluminium plates also have a great adaptability, offering the possibility to personalize them with forms and graphics; providing an interesting support  to marketing and design. Each plate can be easily used for the manufacturing of easy open boxes and lids; adapting greatly to different products in the food industry. Laminazione Sottile, supported by a network of high quality companies, is able to follow every manufacturing process, from the treatment of the raw materials, to the superficial treatments and final delivery; following high and rigid production standards.

Aluminium plates characteristics are its extraordinary versatility, lightness and resistance, which allow to manufacture flexible packagings, a variety of general engineering products, automotive products, and construction and architectural products. Due to aluminium’s high sustainability rate, recyclability and lightness, we are able to reduce 30-60% of the products’ weight compared to steel.