Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging distinguishes itself from rigid and semi-rigid packaging due to its extraordinary versatility not only for its manufacturing but also due to the raw material with which they are produced – aluminium – Laminazione Sottile’s core business, a group that praises on its excellence in the sector, with over 90 years of experience.

This type of packaging, produced with various aluminium sheets’ dimensions and thicknesses, has great advantages providing the most efficiente relationship between the quantity of material used and its functionality. Despite its thinness, aluminium has excellent proprieties which make it unique: protection form light, oxygen and humidity, and every type of environmental contamination. The light metal within flexible packaging guarantees a great capacity of product conservation, increasing its shelf life and maintaining proprieties and flavors unaltered.

Due to the characteristics of flexible packaging, we have the possibility to maintain the products’ proprieties even after the opening and consumption of the product. Moreover, it allows products to be portioned, in order to reduce economic and environmental waste. Flexible packagings, additionally, are very easy to open; this makes aluminium foils the perfect material for food and pharmaceutical packagings.

Flexible Packaging: advantages

Lightness, safety and versatility are what makes Laminazione Sottile’s flexible packagings the highest in its market; a true Made in Italy excellence. High qualitative standards, coupled with innovation and decades of experience, place the Group as a leader in Europe for the production of aluminium sheets and semi-finished products for multiple business sectors. Laminazione Sottile uses its subsidiary IPS Industrial Packaging Solution for the production of aluminium sheets and flexible packagings.