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Guido Moschini Academy

Training has always been a priority for Laminazione Sottile Group and represents an inestimable competitive value. For this reason, in 2021, the company Academy was born, named after Guido Moschini. Not only to develop the professional and human skills of the Group's people; but also to share internal technical and production knowledge, to strengthen the ability to work together through increasingly effective behavior and organizational methods.

So, the courses are related to both the development of technical and transversal skills. One hundred active training courses (90 technicians and 10 on so-called "soft skills"), to which are added those dedicated to foreign languages ​​and specialized on issues relating to packaging and sustainability. In addition, for the workers there are courses of insertion in the company focused on the plants present in the factories: it's a process of continuous training, dictated by the constant use of the most innovative tools, capable of guaranteeing greater safety and quality of production processes.

The courses are held in different ways (in the classroom, on the job, online), both with internal trainers and through collaborations with institutes and universities of excellence. The goal is to make the Academy a reference point for sector training even beyond company boundaries.

People are the beating heart of our development path and encouraging their professional and human growth is an imperative for our Group that aims to improve year after year.

"We are confident that this is the way forward also to offer a valid alternative, in line with professional growth expectations and career ambitions, to the many talents who still today leave the southern regions to pursue their dreams in northern Italy or abroad", Ing. Massimo Moschini