Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium foil tapes are essential for insulation, permanent sealing and small repairs on vehicles’ parts and  metal equipment. Aluminium foil tapes are perfect for mechanical seal in various applications, for heat reflection and cold conduction in every household appliance, as well as for internal lining of aluminium galvanic treatments.

Laminazione Sottile produces aluminium foil by melting raw materials, creating a final product perfect from every point of view. The very high quality standards, innovation and long experience in the industry make every aluminium foil the best in its market. At production level, the group is able to provide aluminium foils and coils with minimum thickness, between 6 micron and 6 mm, adapting the final product to the customer’s needs.

Aluminium foil tapes, if tailor-made, beside repairing and sealing, have the additional function of giving things an aesthetic appeal by offering, for instance, brand new smooth surfaces, which can add extra value to new generation vehicles or to ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. Therefore, thanks to a simple aluminium foil tape, it is even possible to repair a heat exchanger, a fan or a radiator; every aluminium surface can be sealed with aluminium foil thanks to its lightness, resistance, thermal conductivity, formability and corrosion resistance.