Multilayer Pipes

Laminazione Sottile supplies aluminium strips to manufacturers of multilayer pipes specific for industrial plants, heat/refrigeration and supply systems.

Multilayer pipes are made of different layers:

  • Adhesive material layer, external layers of PERT (Polyethylene of high resistance to temperature), central aluminium layer
  • Adhesive material layer, external layers of cross-linked Polyethylene (PE-X), central aluminium layer
  • External layer of PE-X, external layer of PERT, central aluminium layer

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Aluminium multilayer pipes

Multilayer pipes have a lot of advantages: high temperature resistance, lightness, low thermal expansion. In addition, these products are made by aluminium, a non-toxic material that creates an environmental barrier. All multilayer pipes are 100% recyclable.

Technical Specification 

Typical Alloys: 1050 • 3003 • 8006 • 8011

Temper: “0”

Thickness: 0,15mm ÷ 0,40mm

Width: 30mm ÷ 200mm

Treatments: chemical degrease and surface pre-treatments