Aluminium Sheets

Aluminium sheets are one of Laminazione Sottile’s main products, which offer a complete and greatly segmented range of aluminium semifinished and manufactured goods. Our group continuously aims for excellence in manufacturing and can, in fact, praise itself with having the highest standards in Italy and Europe in aluminium sheets refinishing. Each aluminium sheet that, for instance, is manufactured for the construction sector or interior design can be in turn processed into thin sheets, which become ideal infrastructures for insulating environments without losing aesthetic and design.

Aluminium sheets have the following characteristics: lightness, manageability, high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. With support from its subsidiary Italcoat, Laminazione Sottile is able to produce color coated aluminium sheets using hydrophobic and hydrophilic paints – based on highly innovative nanotechnologies – in order to increase corrosion resistance and contain the formation of condensation in each aluminium sheet. One of the function of coating is also to enhance the aesthetic of the products in case of visible installation.

Aluminium Sheets: final applications

Aluminium sheets are, additionally, adopt for the construction sector due to the raw material’s characteristics. It is recognized as one of the most efficient and sustainable materials in this sector, as due to its highly recyclability and lightness rate, there is a 30-60% reduction of weight compared to steel. Aluminium resistance to atmospheric agents corrosion, furthermore, allows to obtain sheets which can be used in regions with extreme climate conditions. Laminazione Sottile can supply high quality and aesthetically pleasant aluminium sheets for a variety of applications, such as coverage, roof coverage, insulating materials, air conducts, shutters and other decorative elements for windows and doors.

Our subsidiary Italcoat can provide coated and embossed aluminium sheets in order to adapt the product to every creative need of the client. Moreover, each aluminium sheet can be coated with specific paints in order to increase the raw material’s corrosion resistance and to be able to install the product even in severe atmospheric environments, like polluted or sea front areas.