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Aluminium strip

Laminazione Sottile has over 90 years’ experience in aluminium rolled products, with more than 100.000 tons produced in 2015.

Our production cycle starts with foundry, passing through hot and cold rolling, annealing, superficial treatments and final cut.

We can supply aluminium coils, sheets and circles in different alloys and dimensions, with gauges from 6 microns to 6 mm, adapting the product to our customer’s needs.

Our production can undergo specific superficial treatments to perfectly meet the requirements of different applications.

Supported by our subsidiaries Italcoat and IPS Ariflex, the bare low-thickness aluminium can be lacquered, laminated or printed with the customer’s desired graphics.




The aluminium strip is a useful tool in the professional kitchen. Its main characteristics are durability and the fresh keeping of food, which preserves its taste and aroma. Another advantage of aluminium strip is the ability to protect the food against humidity, bacteria and other type of risks for its quality. The same features are very important for the pharmaceutical industry also, in fact the aluminium strip become an efficient barrier to protect the medicines.

Our aluminium strip are manufactured according to standard procedures, which are studied to get high performances from every application field. The common characteristic of all Laminazione Sottile’s product is the versatility, this is the reason why you can use our aluminium strip with excellent results in your professional activities. If you need specific consultation about the uses of aluminium strip, contact us without obligation.

Laminazione Sottile is part of an enterprise group which is leader in Europe of aluminium manufacturing. If you use our aluminium strip, for example in your kitchen, you’ll get a new standard of efficiency and reliability: our products are much valued in the professional kitchen, where the staff needs resistant tools for the packaging of food. We have a lots of clients who are satisfied with the aluminium strip by Laminazione Sottile.

This product is projected to be very useful when you need something that keep fresh the food and protect it against dust, humidity etc. If you want to test it contact Laminazione Sottile and request a consultation about the prospective using of aluminium strip in your activities.
Thanks to the aluminium strip you will count on a great support and get new performances in your kitchen. For any question get in touch with us via the cont