Automotive laminazione sottile


Commitment to reduce greenhouse gases happens through vehicle weight reduction.

For this reason the biggest car makers are increasing the aluminium percentage in their productions, adopting the light material for frames, stands, external surfaces.

Aluminium is progressively replacing steel for its intrinsic lightness and strength, other than its surface aesthetic appeal and high recycle rate.

In this way the total vehicle weight is considerably reduced, and as a consequence even fuel consumption and noxious emissions, as requested by international laws.

The strong aesthetic impact of the aluminium surface represents an added value for new generation vehicles.




We can provide coils and sheets meeting the specific requirements of the automotive market, for different applications as:

– heat and acoustic shields;

– structural and non-structural components.

Through our subsidiary Italcoat we can supply coated material (e.g. for interior car design), using specific coatings to increase the corrosion resistance and emphasize the aesthetic element.