Building and Interior Design

Aluminium is renown as one of the most efficient materials in building industry, thanks to the high recycle rate and the lightness, granting a 30-60% weight reduction compared to steel. Bare or coated aluminium is also used in interior design industry for decorative panels with a modern and excellent aesthetic impact. The light metal guarantees resistance to corrosion, long life, simplicity of maintenance, thermal and acoustic isolation.




We can supply high quality products with an excellent aesthetic impact for different uses, as covering, roofs, isolation panels, air conducts, rolling shutters, external decorative elements for windows and doors. It is also used to realize internal partitions, false ceiling, decorations.

Our subsidiary Italcoat can supply coated and embossed products to satisfy designers’ most diverse requirements. Yet, we can use specific coatings to increase the aluminium resistance to corrosion, for installations in particularly aggressive locations (high pollution, seafront).

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