Embossed Aluminum

The embossed aluminum allows to create containers with different format and sizes. The lightness of the aluminum is associated with the ability to protect the food against oxygen, moisture and contamination.
Otherwise, aluminum keeps food fresh for a long time! The embossed aluminium makes the work easier in the professional kitchen because it’s versatile and able to a lots of uses.

But, what is the embossed aluminum? The embossing technique consists in printing on a smooth surface that produces a relief pattern.
The embossed aluminum is obtained with the hot meltingof the raw material, cold rolling and surface treatment, and finally cutting and embossing, according to the uses.

One of the main uses of the embossed aluminum concerns the food industry.The products manufactured with the embossed aluminum are a good option of cooking and storing food. In fact, thanks to its thermal conductivity and versatility the aluminumis excellent for a lots of activities in the kitchen. I you want to test the performance of embossed aluminum in your professional kitchen, contact LaminazioneSottile and find out the characteristics of our products.

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