General Engineering 3

General Engineering

Aluminium has innate features of formability, corrosion resistance, lightness, isolation and barrier against gas, light and humidity.

It’s a highly versatile material, finding its use in an incredibly wide array of applications, including:

Multilayer pipes (liquid/gas): aluminium stops oxygen and light, increases the carving resistance but keeps flexibility

Light bulbs and neon light caps: Aluminium satisfies the requirements in terms of deep-drawing of caps, to avoid the risk of breaking during the manufacturing process.

Tapes: aluminium is the base to produce very resistant tapes, sealing and heat insulating at the same time.

Electrical cables: aluminium sheath contains the electromagnetic emissions.

Honeycomb: the honeycomb structure allows to produce panels that are extremely light but highly resistant to compression. Our subsidiary Italcoat can supply pre-glued strips to manufacture honeycomb with different geometries, so that our customers can speed up their production cycle and increase the performance.




Thanks to Italcoat, we can also supply coated material to optimize the aluminium features, according to the final product to be manufactured.