Aluminium is a winning material for applications in the air conditioning, heating and ventilation industry, due to its specific features:

–  Lightness

–  Formability

–  High thermal conductivity

–  Corrosion resistance

Aluminium allows manufacturing of heat exchangers, radiators and condensers with a high energetic efficiency and resistance to humidity and corrosion.

Yet, at the end of their lifetime, equipment can enter the recycling system, granting undeniable advantages in terms of environmental sustainabiility.




Our foil ensures deep-drawing performances, so our clients can produce complex forms with a remarkable operational eccifiency.

We can propose different innovative solutions, using typical or special alloys, to satisfy all the cooling and heating needs.

With the support of our subsidiary Italcoat we can provide aluminium coated with hydrophobic or hydrophilic coatings (even highly innovative NanoTech-based lacquers) to increase corrosion resistance and to limit condensation.

Coating increases the aesthetic impact of the products too, especially in case of exposed installation.