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Rigid Packaging

Aluminium is a barrier against humidity, oxygen and microorganisms, and extends the products’ shelf life, keeping their features intact for a long time.

Aluminium closures guarantee cost effectiveness, reliability and safety, preserving aroma and taste. The endless possibilities of graphic and shape customization make closures a marketing tool, strengthening the distinctive product appearance.

In the pharmaceutical sector, aluminium closures preserve the essential features of the products and protect them from microbiological contaminants.

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Cans and easy open lids represent the perfect solutions for edibles to ensure long shelf life. They perfectly adapt to any type of product, due to specific superficial treatments and coating.

Chemical degreasing and pre-treatment guarantee an absolute surface cleanliness and absence of odour, as suggested by the Guidelines for the application of the Regulation (EC) 2023/2006 to the supply chain of materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Supported by our subsidiary Italcoat, we can supply coated material on one or both sides, meeting all the European and national food laws and regulations.

Coating could be realized with BPA N.I.A. (“Bisfenolo A – Not Intentionally Added”), free of BADGE, BPF, NOGE and PVC.