Semi-finished aluminium products

Semi-finished products are all those “intermediate” goods which underwent a first industrial process, but require an additional processing so to define its final use and commercialization. Laminazione Sottile is considered to be a leading company in the production of semi-finished aluminium products, which are essential in various business sectors; from automotive to the food industry, to general engineering applications, architecture design and construction. Semi-finished aluminium products  are also important for the manufacturing of heat exchangers,  radiators and capacitors with a high energy efficiency level and humidity and corrosion resistance. Moreover, at the end of their life cycle these implants can be recycled, benefitting the environment. Laminazione Sottile’s semi-finished aluminium products, are between the best on the market nowadays, ensuring great drawability performance and allowing our clients to produce complex molding and efficient operative characteristics.

Final applications of aluminium semi-finished products

Aluminium semi-finished products can be used for diverse innovative solutions for heating and cooling, based on their form and thickness, which can reach a minimum of 3 microns. Semi-finished aluminium products are widely appreciated mostly for their lightness and adaptability, thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. In the automotive sector, for instance,semi-finished aluminium products are becoming more and more important as aluminium is progressively replacing steel due to its intrinsic characteristics: lightness and strength, as well as an aesthetic appeal and recyclability.As a result, by using semi-finished products we can remarkably reduce the vehicles weight and consequently the consumption and emission of gases, as required by international legislations. Semi-finished aluminium products are able to offer a valid help in a variety of business segments because of their heat shield capabilities and the formation of valid structural, elastic and resistant elements.