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AHR Expo 2018 Chicago: HVAC-R International Exhibition

AHR EXPO 2018 Chicago HVAC-R International Exhibit...

Laminazione Sottile is taking part in AHR EXPO 2018 in Chicago. AHR EXPO is the most important International Trade Fair for Air-Conditioning, Heating...
Cavaliere Massimo Moschini will speak at Go Sud 2017

Go Sud 2017

The promotion of the territory in the initiatives of the Cavalieri del Lavoro del Gruppo Mezzogiorno. Our President Cavaliere Massimo Moschini will...

Massimo Moschini at Shemet 2017

Massimo Moschini, President of Laminazione Sottile Group, will speak at the Shemet, international conference that is proposed as a forum for sharing...
Change Management

Change Management

Laminazione Sottile Group has started a new path through Change Management initiatives, to deeply modify our work procedures and the organizational...
Interpack 2017 Dusseldorf Exhibition - Laminazione Sottile Group

Interpack 2017 Dusseldorf Exhibition

Interpack is the international trade fair of Packaging. It’s an important exhibition for all professional people who work in the packaging industry...
Cavalieri del Lavoro

Massimo Moschini: Cavaliere del Lavoro

Our Managing Director has been decorated with the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro. After his designation on 2nd June, the engineer Massimo Moschini has...