Carmine Bruno Rea elected President of CIAL for the third time

cda 2022 maggio

The Group Commercial Director of Laminazione Sottile, Carmine Bruno Rea, has been confirmed for the third time as President of CIAL (National Consortium of Aluminum Packaging) having already held this position in 2017 and 2019. As we can read in the official press release, according to Dr. Rea: “Today, the new challenges require a new and innovative approach from a cultural point of view to facilitate the transition from the linear to the circular economy and therefore consolidate the important performances and growth trends of recent years, introducing the tools and actions necessary to determine a new model of production, consumption and management of resources and energy, according to the values ​​underlying the principle of Circular Responsibility, of which CIAL promotes “.

This appointment confirms the shared vision of the Laminazione Sottile Group, which places environmental sustainability and a focus on a production process oriented towards the circular economy at the center of industrial action.

What’s CIAL?

CIAL is the Italian national no profit consortium, in charge of starting the collection of aluminum packaging in Italian municipalities through the separate collection of municipal waste. The consortium’s goal is to respect the environment, eliminate landfills and economically enhance reusable resources. Thanks to the work carried out by CIAL, in 2021, the recycling rate of packaging reached 67.5 percent, allowing to avoid greenhouse emissions equal to 371 thousand tons of CO2 and save energy for over 159 thousand tons of oil equivalent.