Ciro Sinagra: Vice President of the Italian Packaging Institute

Istituto Italiano Imballaggio 2

Our Research & Development Manager, Ciro Sinagra, has been appointed as Vice President of the Italian Packaging Institute.

About the Italian Packaging Institute

The Italian Packaging Institute is an association of companies, and represents the center of information, professional education and circulation of packaging science in Italy.

It gathers packaging manufacturers and users (food companies) and it is committed to promoting the culture of packaging in terms of legislation, storage, hygiene, consumer health, aesthetics and marketing.

The appointment  as Vice President

After his designation on 20th March, Ciro Sinagra officially received the role of Vice President.

“I’ve been supporting the activity of the Institute for years both as a member of the jury and as a lecturer. I am therefore honored and grateful to all those who supported my candidacy as Vice President, especially the new President of the Institute, Anna Paola Cavanna who wanted me to support her in her mandate”

Laminazione Sottile Group has a long term partnership with the Italian Packaging Institute, supporting its campaigns and promoting the training of the Group’s employees on packaging and food contact topics, in order them certificated aluminium packaging experts.