Hygrosieve® wins the Alufoil Trophy 2019

Alufoil Trophy 2019 Winner Logo English

Laminazione Sottile Group is proud to announce that Hygrosieve® by Italcoat, the innovative hygroscopic coated aluminum for energy recovery rotors, won the prestigious Alufoil Trophy 2019 in the “Resource Efficiency” category.

The award, assigned by EAFA (European Aluminum Foil Association) recognizes the commitment to technical development and sustainability of the innovative formulation developed by the R&D department of Laminazione Sottile Group.

As declared by our R&D Director: “Alufoil Trophy represents for us a recognition of the job done by the R&D Team of Laminazione Sottile Group, always ready to meet the evolving customers’ needs and to design innovative solutions. Hygrosieve summarizes in a single product Long life, Efficiency, Constancy and Protection”. 

Hygrosieve® offers good adhesion on aluminium surface without risk of pulverization, higher and quicker adsorption of water moisture, Molecular Sieve effect with rejection of pollutants, anticorrosive performance and 15% energy saving.

Alufoil Trophy 2019 – “Resource Efficiency”

Hygrosieve® is a new type of lacquered aluminum which guarantees high speed adsorption/desorption of water moisture and a molecular sieve effect that, while improving the penetration of environmental moisture, rejects pollutants and other residues. This improves air circulation and cleanliness.

Hygrosieve® ensures in this way higher efficiency of the rotor with:

  • a reduction of the flow rates of refrigerant fluid
  • 15% less electrical energy consumption