MAM Foundation: Laminazione Sottile and the metro stations of Naples


More than 170,000 people visited the metro stations in Naples in 2017.

Numbers that encouraged the newly founded MAM Foundation (Open Metropolitan Museum) to present this morning a project aiming at preserving the Art in Neapolitan metro stations.

The Foundation, composed of Laminazione Sottile and other 7 companies, will bear all the costs of restoring and mantaining the artistic works and, at the same time, it will create an open museum in the Municipio metro station in Naples.

Laminazione Sottile supports MAM, Open Metropolitan Museum

Massimo Moschini, President of Laminazione Sottile Group, attended the presentation conference this morning, underlining the importance of safeguarding the artistic tradition of our territory.

Art stations will be real museums, thus becoming artistic centers visited by people from all over the world.
Laminazione Sottile is proud of being part of the MAM Foundation, to preserve such an important and unique artistic heritage.