Sustainability Report 2019

Rapporto di sostenibilita eng 0

In accordance with the commitment of Laminazione Sottile Group to social, environmental and economic sustainability ​​we present for the first time the “Sustainability Report 2019” relative to all the Italian and foreign companies, with the exception of Contital LM Turkey, which is not yet included in the consolidated financial statement.

The Report shows the energies devoted during 2019, and beyond, to pursue the objective of Environmental Sustainability: through the optimization of the internal activities and investments to improve processes and the resorce management, the Group achieved a substancial reduction in the consumption of raw materials, energy resources, water and auxiliary materials, likewise a reduction in emissions and waste.

All this happened without leaving behind the attention to human resources, supported and enhanced by activities based on sharing the corporate values and objectives and on promoting an increased integration of the different Areas.

The work carried out in 2019 by Laminazione Sottile Group concretely represents how much the productive growth can take place while respecting the environment, the territory and the community, thanks to the commitment of all the players involved.

Click here to read our Sustainability Report (ITA)