Sustainability Report 2020

rapporto di sostenibilita 2020 3

As evidence of the ability that the entire Laminazione Sottile Group has had in facing 2020 while maintaining the effort for sustainable productive development in synergy with local communities, we are glad to present the "2020 Sustainability Report".

The spread of the pandemic has forced us to change and innovate further, adopting in a very short time technologies and procedures that would have taken years to implement. To deal with the emergency situation, the Group immediately set up a Task Force, equipped the staff with appropriate health devices and launched an intense communication campaign to inform employees and suppliers about the risks of the pandemic. It has also supported the local community by financing cultural activities and health authorities for the urgent purchase of specialist equipment. In addition, it has donated several thousand aluminum containers to public canteens.

Despite COVID-19, the Group closed the year with results in line with the initial objectives, continuing with the projects launched to improve performance and with investments to increase competitiveness and to reduce the environmental footprint of its activities. It also continued to develop projects for the enhancement and coaching of employees, also through the definition of an internal training structure: our Academy, a project with enormous possibilities for development and integration with the territory.

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