Sustainability Report 2021

rapporto sostenibilita 2021 1

Despite the fact that 2021 was a very special period for Laminazione Sottile Group that saw the persistence of the pandemic and the energy and economic crisis intertwined with a growing demand for aluminum on the part of the market; the ability to look to the future with a view to continuous improvement and development has never failed. On the contrary; it was precisely this intention at the basis of the 2021 Sustainability Report.

The particular historical period we are experiencing has required us to develop rapid responses in terms of development and innovation strategies. For this reason, during the year, the Group invested heavily in the renovation of plants and technologies in several of its subsidiaries: a new warehouse in Contital and the installation of a third painting line in Italcoat. All this has always taken place with a view to environmental sustainability with the aim of reducing the energy consumption of the plants and increasing the share of self-produced energy through renewable sources.

2021 also saw the launch of the corporate Academy named after Guido Moschini: an example of how training has always been a priority representing an inestimable competitive value for the entire Group. And if on the one hand people are the beating heart of our development path, on the other we cannot forget our territory towards which we have never stopped strong support for local cultural activities and national health projects.

It is with this baggage and commitment that we are proud to approach the threshold of one hundred years of activity.

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