responsabilità sociale

Social Responsibility

Laminazione Sottile is committed to provide the best working environment, promoting the respect for Human and Workers’ Rights ensuring safety and healthiness in the workplace.

Corporate Social Responsibility principles are applied through a management system in compliance with SA 8000 standard which is based on compliance with the following requirements:

  • Child Labor: No use or support of child labor and workers whose age falls within the definition of “child” and “young worker”;
  • Forced and Compulsory Labor: no use or support for forced or compulsory labor;
  • Health and Safety: guarantee a safe and healthy workplace by preventing accidents or damage to the health of the workers;
  • Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining: respect the right to form and join trade unions;
  • Discrimination: no acceptance, support or tolerate any kind of discrimination;
  • Disciplinary Practices: treat all personnel with dignity and respect;
  • Working Hours: compliance with laws and industry standards including overtime and holidays;
  • Remuneration: respect right of personnel to living wage; all workers paid at least legal minimum wage; wages sufficient to meet basic needs & provide discretionary income

In addition, our Group considers:

  Our employees as a strategic resource, respecting their rights and promoting their personal and professional development;

–  Suppliers as partners for the optimal activities execution, asking them to comply with SA 8000 requirements;

–  Clients as key element of company success, working for their satisfaction and to manufacture quality products, compliant with law requisites.

In addition to nurturing a virtuous circle throughout the supply chain, Laminazione Sottile contributes to the development of local communities through different social activities. We constantly support campaigns, projects, cultural events and associations focused on scientific research, to strengthen a civil conscience and fuel a cultural renewal.