rapporto sostenibilità

Sustainability Report

Laminazione Sottile Group annually presents the Sustainability Report relating to all the Italian and foreign companies of the Group. The report shows the energy constantly spent by our subsidiaries and the headquarters to pursue the goal of Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability.

Optimization of activities and investments for the improvement of processes and for the recovery of resources are the basis of the reductions in the consumption of raw materials, energy resources, water and auxiliary materials, and an equally important reduction in emissions and waste. All this takes place without forgetting the attention to human resources, supported and enhanced with activities based on the sharing of corporate values ​​and objectives and on the ever greater integration between the various Areas.

The work that Laminazione Sottile Group carries out, year after year, concretely represents how much, thanks to the commitment of all the players involved, production growth can take place while respecting the environment, the territory and employees.


sustainability report 2022