Ethics and Compilance

Model of Organization, Management and Control ex D. Lgs 231/2001

The Decree 231/2001 introduced the principle of administrative responsibility for the companies with regard to offences committed in the interest of or to the benefit of the enitity, by persons in a senior position or by persons under the direction or supervision of a senior manager.

To ensure the prevention of the violations defined in the Decree, the Board of Directors of Laminazione Sottile S.p.A. adopted since 28/11/2012 a Model of Organization and Management. The current Model 231 was approved in the Board of Directors on 29/06/2023.

With this Model, the B of D makes official and describes the principles, the rules of behaviours and the controls for specific sensible trials to prevent and oppose the risk that the Society can be investigated or sentenced as responsible of crimes caused by corporate executives.

The Company publicizes the principles, the values and the ethics laws of the Model and the Code of Ethics to directors, managers, staff and collaborators.

A specific sanctionative system is applied in case of violation of Model’s regulations according to the different subjects.

The Model 231 is part of a wider company policy of Laminazione Sottile S.p.A., that respects the ethical management principles leading to the redaction of the Code of Ethics.

A specific sanction system, diversified in accordance with the different roles, is defined in case of violations of the Model’s prescriptions.

The Model applies to the Italian companies of Laminazione Sottile Group.

The Decree 231/01 defines the creation of a Supervisor Body with independent powers of initiative and control, whose duty is to supervise the functioning of and compliance with the Organization and Management Model and to ensure its updating.

The Supervisory Body of Laminazione Sottile, appointed by resolution of 27/05/2021, will remain in office until the approval of the financial statements at 31/12/2023. The Supervisory Body has a collegial constitution, adapted to the characteristics, size and activity of the Society.

To the Supervisory Body can be reported violations of the Model 231 and the Code of Ethics, or can be requested futher information, at the email


Code of Ethics of the Group

The Code of Ethics comprises all the values inspiring the activities of Laminazione Sottile Group, and represents the tool to sensitize employees and collaborators towards respecting the highest standards of transparency and honesty while carrying out their duties.