Laminazione Sottile is one of the sponsors of the new permanent interactive exhibition dedicated to Aluminium at the National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo Da Vinci” in Milan.

The new project of the Aluminium Area describes the historical and technological evolution of the metal, with a focus on the recent events and future capabilities.

The exhibition inspects some themes specific of the production, as the resources usage (materials and energy) and the variety of the applications.

In particular, the Aluminium Area shows the relationship between aluminium and energy, with a particular care for the subject of resources and scrap. Yet, it highlights the processes and techniques transforming semi-finished products into finished ones.

Aluminium has been a part of the Museum since 1958, when the first exhibition took place. This metal already had a primary role in the Museum’s original project, therefore it was the second metal in terms of allocated space.

The Aluminium Area, with a surface of nearly 140 square meters, is close to the Steel Area, on the floor dedicated to Energy and Materials.

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