New equipment for Laminazione Sottile

Slitting Machine 1 scaled

Through an important investment, Laminazione Sottile continues its plan to improve the production process, installing a new longitudinal slitting line.

Better slitting quality

The machine, which boasts a slitting speed of 800 metre per minute, can slit aluminum strips in all alloys and temper.

Through the new equipment, it will be possible to supply aluminum strips with minimum widths up to 16 mm and thicknesses 50-450 microns.

The slitting line allows also to wind coils with an external diameter up to 1800 mm. This means for customers, reducing roll changes and speeding up the manufacturing of the material.

Compatible with rigid or flexible cutting equipment, the machine is provided with automated control systems to guarantee a high slitting quality.

Advantages for multilayer pipe manufacturers

With this new equipment, Laminazione Sottile improves its service and it efficiently meets the requirements of different markets.

Specifically, multilayer pipes manufacturers will take the advantage of a cleaner and defect-free edge, which guarantees a better aluminium weldability. Yet, the dimension of external diameter of coils is developed to meet the specific needs of their production process. 

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Innovations and investments

The construction of the new slitting machine is part of the 2018-2020 investment plan of Laminazione Sottile Group. The investments are aimed at improving and expanding companies’ production capacity,  increasing service provided to customer and competitiveness on international markets.